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While most traditional sales certifications provide little to no real-world value, our certifications represent a new level of expertise focused on true consultative selling. To be eligible for our certification exams the pre-request training requirements must be met or by passing a test out baseline examination. Contact us for additional information or to schedule your examination.

Currently Available

CTA Certification

Consultative Technology Associate Certification
  • CTA Certification is the gold standard for IT Sales Certification. We can directly see in the results across our vendors and partners that those that pass the certification are outperforming those that don’t.
  • CTA Certification is used by many IT solution providers and vendors like Cisco. Most sales certifications are too easy and don’t really prove the reps know how to sell IT in the most effective way.
  • CTA Certification challenges reps to know: Basic IT knowledge across all architectures, basic sales process skills, IT discovery mastery, basic objection handling skills, business outcomes selling and vendor relationship skills.
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