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Pre-Sales Engineer Training

Far too often pre-sales engineers are only being provided with technical training and the “pre-sales” part of the job title is left out. Good engineers will learn the technology with or without training. The area you can make the biggest impact to your engineers is on their sales and business acumen.

Invest in your engineers today and see the level of your entire sales team rise to elite status. The Account Manager and Engineer need to work together as a cohesive unit to make a sale much like the quarterback and their best wide receiver. Imagine if both your star players were reading from completely different playbooks. Unfortunately, this is a problem we face as an industry. Techrategy will solve this problem for your company by providing pre-sales engineer training that will help your engineers with everything, but the technical.

After our training your engineers will:
  • Be more consultative to your clients
  • Stop telling clients and start teaching clients
  • Expertly navigate C-level conversations as easily as they would with the network admin
  • Know how to account plan and set the agenda with their Account Manager peers
  • Play their role in customer meetings, while enhancing their AM’s rather than just make them look like the “sales person”
  • Direct conversations toward solution selling rather than speeds and feeds
  • High-level product pitch based on who they are speaking to
  • Present more effectively
  • Uncover more information that matters
  • Drive toward the sale – because that is what we are all here for
  • Build better-integrated partnerships with their AM peers
  • Have a clear picture of all the roles played within a deal and what matters most
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