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In the early 2000s our owner, Jason Marks, started noticing patterns of success with the top sellers he was working with at the time. Being more engineering minded he started trying to build repeatable sales strategies and processes to assist with business growth. After attending many sales trainings, he realized there was a gap in the market for something that was specific to the daily life of an IT seller. In 2012, Jason left as one of the leading sellers at Cisco to start a training company to address the needs of the IT seller.

The training was a hit within the market and led Techrategy to become a multimillion-dollar training practice. The work wasn’t done yet, as the training programs led to daily interactions with top sellers from all over North America, new patterns of success and what was working continued to evolve. As organizations leaned into digitization, business leaders realized by adopting the right technology solutions they could create massive business growth. Today with cloud and AI at the forefront of our technology world new training was needed to create a more consultative selling approach. We continued to track not just reviews from our clients, but their number growth based on our enablements, and we started seeing significant pipeline, revenue and GP growth after our engagements.

In addition to our training, Techrategy developed a vendor agnostic certification program for sellers. The CTA (Consultative Technology Associate) certification is the industry’s only certification program that truly proves if a seller understands the principles and process for consultative selling. Techrategy also started helping organizations design and implement better learning management systems, so their sellers had a place to go learn on their time. In 2020, Techrategy launched their own online training portal with tools and recorded content to help sellers reach their goal. By 2023 the portal had over 1500 subscribers.

Today we have over 6,000 5-star reviews and have worked with clients like AWS, Cisco, CDW, SHI, ePlus and many others to help their sales team’s reach their goals.

One of the challenges we see with organizations is they put their sellers through our enablements, they see a quick spike in their pipeline and revenue from those sellers, but as time goes on things start to level back out. While this means our clients are typically seeing a 40x ROI from our enablement programs, after time they were falling back into old habits. To help solve this we provide consulting services, which is a critical starting point for organizations looking for long term growth and sales culture changes.

A consulting engagement fixes the sources of the problems:

  • Compensation plans that align to the sales goals and strategy
  • Manage by objectives as part of a compensation plan to help with accountability
  • Leadership buy-in to push the sales strategy from the top down and ensure everyone is speaking the same language
  • Sales persona identification and roles, which ensures everyone on the team knows their responsibilities and how to properly engage each other
  • Sales management coaching and weekly routines
  • Vendor relationship strategy
  • Detailed sales processed for consultative selling – discovery – business outcomes – solutions

Part of our success lies within our principles for every engagement:

  • Every sales team is unique and every engagement is customized
  • Sellers need to understand their solutions at a basic technical level and deeper business level
  • Our trainings take your solutions and build them into repeatable processes
  • We want sellers to be genuinely curious about their clients business and technology – not just trying to sell the next thing, but solve the problems
  • IT sales needs to happen inside and outside of IT with other business leaders
  • First line sales managers are critical to consistent, long term coaching to change culture
  • Accountability and routines are critical to success

The Most Proven IT Sales Training

Techrategy is often asked what makes us unique from other training companies. Other training companies use mostly pre-built material that they leverage for every client and most don’t focus on the IT industry only. Those company’s trainers often were not the top salesperson in the industry, or those trainers don’t have IT engineering experience. Therefore, the trainers won’t understand your solutions, which means they can’t really train on them. Your sellers may be better than the trainer, which means they won’t fully buy-in. The other company’s trainers don’t really understand what it is like to walk in the shoes of a manufacturer or VAR seller. Those other trainers often make it seem like this is easy, when in reality it isn’t and they probably couldn’t do it either. Putting your sellers in the wrong training is worse than doing nothing because they will be attempting things that don’t really work in the real world. Not only will this limit them, but it will hurt their progress. When you are investing in your sales team don’t accept anything but the best.