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Alexandra D’Amico Williams

Vice President at Techrategy | There isn’t anyone out there like Jason, and if you are lucky enough to work with him, you will see that. I began working with Jason at Cisco and then continued into a business partnership together at Techrategy. There isn’t anyone else that I would have taken that risk with, and doing so marked a pivotal point my career. Jason executes on vision and strategy flawlessly, not just for his business but for his clients. He is the best salesperson that I know, but better than that, he shares that craft with others. Coaching is a unique quality that many simply can’t do. I have observed, and learned from, Jason coaching Executives, Account Manager, Engineers, etc. Each one with a different role, challenge, and learning style. Not working with Jason and Techrategy is the biggest risk that you can take in your business.

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