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Clarence Nurse

Systems Engineering Manager at Cisco | We recently hired Jason and his company Techrategy to provide some Cisco Security portfolio training to my team of System Engineers. The goal of the training was to make our Engineers more proficient at articulating the business value of the Cisco Security portfolio via interactive conversations/whiteboards and real-world examples. While the System Engineers are very seasoned and well versed on the Cisco Security portfolio, the training hit the mark completely in several ways. The litmus test initially for effective training in my opinion is whether or not the participants are uncomfortable. Jason made everyone uncomfortable by forcing everyone to simplify their message and to articulate the value in laymen’s terms. My feeling is that if you cannot explain it to your grandmother then you don’t know the content well enough. The Techrategy training forced this concept and ultimately provided a framework that the engineers can use in explaining business value and leveraging this for effective sales meetings. This training is highly recommended for any organization looking to understand the business value of Cisco solutions, sharpening of sales skills, as well as and most importantly being able to effectively bridge technology to business value.

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