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Wayne Anguilm

Senior Account Executive at Carousel Industries | This was an intense training that drastically expanded my Cisco knowledge base, security knowledgebase and general sales processes. Difficult content to grasp but with Jason’s explanations and repetitive training left me with many more tools in my toolbox. Cisco 1, individual equipment models and Cisco security was AWESOME. My comfort level is much more complete after this training. I sell Cisco Video currently, but I will now go out and comfortably approach clients with Security and Cisco 1. It was the BEST training that I have been a part of in years. Jason was the best trainer that I have had with Sales training. A ton of info, awesome business cases, quality, and unique ways to roll play. I was actually excited to sit in class and take lengthy notes. This training will increase my sales and my depth in my current accounts. Hardcore training with stressful questioning…very successful. I am ready to go talk security and network tomorrow.

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